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Wear the serpent and lizard signet ring with confidence, as a symbol of power, agility, and transformation that has been revered across cultures for centuries.

Historically, signet rings were reserved for those with authority, sealing important documents and representing the wearer's prominence. Today, this contemporary accessory exudes strength and confidence with its sleek design and intricate motifs.

If you need to stamp or seal that important document, you know you’re in safe hands with these desert dwelling reptiles.

Can be customised with blue, green, pink or yellow sapphire, white or black diamond, salt and pepper diamond or ruby. Please email your choice.

Snake & Lizard Signet

  • • Made to order

    • Solid Gold or solid silver.

    • Polished & sand blasted elements

    • Dimensions: approx 14mm tapering to approx 5mm base

    • Style: Round shaped Signet ring, comfort fit band, textured with golden scales

    • Bespoke options available - gemstone colour options

    • Model wearing size 10

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