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about us.

At Cohar jewellery, we are a female-led small team of two operating since 2015 in Sydney & eastern NSW, Australia, drawing inspiration from architectural texture, nature and sculpture.

We started creating pieces for family and friends in Australia and New Zealand which word of mouth travelled far and wide prompting us to offer our service to everyone. 

Rooted in a passion for sustainable practice combined with innovation, each piece is hand-crafted, both beautiful and conscious-minded. 

We present timeless collections using metal that can be recycled, shifting focus away from fast-fashion, offering a co-creation service to custom-make heirlooms.

Whether you are looking for a gift, a treat or a lasting heirloom, we are here to craft your vision. We appreciate your support and hope to build a lovely relationship together while we create custom heirlooms for you and loved ones. 

Making of snake and lizard cohar jewellery.png

Ethically Sourced

We take pride in finding RJC & Kimberly process approved suppliers for our gemstones


We use Australian RJC approved and recycled metals in our production with a core emphasis on sustainability.


Our pieces are hand-made and CAD with attention to detail and precision. 

Made in Australia

All of the pieces that are in the 6-12 week category are designed, hand-crafted and made in Australia which we are so proud of. 

I would love to hear from you.

If you have questions or special inquiries, you're welcome to contact me below.

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PO Box 134, Byron, NSW 2481


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