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The Molten Heart Necklace is a two sided- statement piece for the modern minimalist who isn't afraid to wear their heart on their sleeve (or around her neck).


This necklace features two sides; a molten metal design and a polished smooth side. Designed to be fluid, wear on either side to which suits you. This big heart pendant slides along a leather and metal cord at a maximum of 18 inch length.


Wear a necklace that's as hot as your heart, the perfect accessory for big-hearted person. 

Molten Heart Necklace Leather

  • • 16" or 18" length pendant. 

    • Model wears 18"

    • Available in sterling silver, vermeil (18k gold plated silver) or solid gold 14k. White gold available on request

    • Polished

    • Dimensions: approx 16x15mm.

    • Style: Double sided texture heart necklace on a sliding leather cord. 

    • Bespoke options available

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